About #LoveCoffeeFitness


I’m Ed Stivala, Founder and Owner of #LoveCoffeeFitness. A business I created in 2019, to provide a fun and sociable way for people to start exercising, lose weight and generally improve their overall health and fitness.

Just another Personal Trainer?

There are many very skilled, capable and professional Personal Trainers. Often though they are younger people, have been ‘sporty’ most of their life and typically are focused on gym type exercise. I started #LoveCoffeeFitness in my fifties after a thirty year corporate career. My sporting CV had a complete break between losing the Egg and Spoon race at age seven and a 10k charity run at 50 years old. I am not the stereotypical Personal Trainer. But because of my journey, I now offer a welcome alternative for people that have more in common with my background.

More than lifting things and stretching

There is certainly a place for lifting weights. But for some people riding a bicycle might provide a more enjoyable activity. The ethos behind #LoveCoffeeFitness is to offer a broader range of fitness activities including running, cycling and swimming as well as the more classic toning and strength based exercises.

Understanding what it takes

I would have been the most unlikely person you could imagine to be starting a fitness business. A lifetime of obesity, no sporting background and a complete stranger to the world of gymnasiums, but no stranger to a pizza and a large glass of red!

In 2016 I decided to change. I quite simply wanted to look different and be a different version of me. Over the course of eighteen months I lost 6 stone in weight, took up running and then found myself at the start line of a triathlon. Nobody was more surprised than me! From there I have had the opportunity to develop my passion for triathlon; having now competed in many races in the UK and Europe. Including the Long Course Weekend in Mallorca which involved a 3.8 kilometre swim the first day, 112 mile bike race the second day and then running a marathon on the third day. It was quite a weekend…

Weight Watchers recently wrote about my weight loss story or you can find out more at EdStivala.com

Article October 2019
Common sense fitness

Based on my own experiences, and a complete disgust towards fad diets or ridiculous claims of body transformation in four weeks, I decided to make a further change and leave my Corporate life in favour of setting up a fitness business that supports others that might want to look and feel different, whilst having fun.

If you have been thinking ‘I should really do something’, but have never quite found a way that appeals. Well… Maybe now you have.

Feel free to get in touch for an informal chat. Who knows where it might lead!!