Tailor Made Fitness

Making a start!

Sometimes the hardest part of getting fit is to actually get started!

We are all different in terms of our preferences and also our aspirations. #LoveCoffeeFitness offers flexibility and choice through three different formats of that you can participate in and also three different levels to perfectly support your current level of fitness.

Here is how it works:

1) Choose the level that you would feel comfortable at

Get Me Started : New to exercise or returning after a break? This is the perfect place to start.

Keep Me Going : You’ve got the basics and you are up and going with fitness and keen to take the next step. Looking for ways to make fitness part of your weekly routine and to keep developing. This is the right solution for you.

Challenge Me : OK, so you want a challenge? You have been exercising for a while and you want to take it up a notch… Maybe you want to conquer a particular charity event? Maybe you want to compete? But you definitely want to feel challenged! However hard you want to work this will be the place for you!

2) Choose the format that suits you best

Everyone is individual. Different goals, different motivation and different ways they like to expertise. #LoveCoffeeFitness gives you three options for how to consume your exercise:

Private : 1 to 1 with your Fitness Buddy.

Private Group : Groups of 2 to 6 friends or family of your choice.

Public : Open sessions with up to 12 people of a similar fitness level. Make new friends!!