Workplace Fitness

A healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle whilst managing a career, busy family and social life can seem like an impossible challenge for many.

And yet as an employer you already appreciate that healthier work workforce with a better work life balance are more likely to be productive, with a lower absence rate and less prone to stress related issues.

Workplace fitness a rapidly growing trend

A Workplace Wellness & Fitness Programme can help differentiate you in your market place, support recruitment, reduce attrition and potentially lower private health care premiums. Employee engagement improves along with productivity. Group based exercise not only improves individuals health but also can support healthier teams by bringing together people from a variety of functions and positions through a shared experience.

It may not surprise you that fitness related brands such as Sweaty Betty already offer free Workplace Fitness programs to their employees. Leading to very positive feedback and reflecting well on them as an employer.

The most enjoyable part of the job is the fun environment and extra benefits like workout classes. The workplace always had a positive energy and friendly faces to work with.

Sales Assistant (former employee), Oxford 22nd June 2019

But many other progressive and forward thinking employers have already adopted this emerging trend in promoting workplace fitness. Financial giants The Motley Fool are no fools when it comes to looking after their employees well being. The Motley Fool takes employee wellness seriously, going the extra mile to make workplace wellness truly part of the culture:

It’s a fact: Healthy employees are happy and more productive. The Fool is really into wellness — so much so that we staff a full-time certified personal trainer to lead our Foolish Fitness program. Though free classes like boot camps and yoga are offered downstairs, our wellness goals are about more than just sweating.

The Motley Fool – Fool Benefits

Time you took action?