A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke

Cycling offers a sociable and inclusive way to increase your level of activity and enjoy the great out doors. Explore new locations and have fun whilst getting fitter.


Perhaps you are one of the many people who never learnt to ride a bike? Well it is absolutely never too late! Using private one to one sessions, I can help you get started and master the basics. From getting on and off your bike to safely through to being able to confidently make your way around. We start off riding off road and away from traffic. As your confidence and skills build we progress on to busier roads.

Returning to cycling

You can ride a bike but perhaps it has been a while and you lack confidence in your ability? In a safe traffic free environment I can coach you to develop your skills and confidence. Building up to some ride outs together on country lanes and then busier urban areas. If your goals are to maybe ride your bike to work, be able to confidently ride with your family or perhaps join a local cycling club, contact me and we can create a plan that suits the times you have available.

Charity Rides & Sportives

Cycling regularly but want to take it up a level? Perhaps it’s a one off charity event or maybe the challenge of large Sportive events motivates you? I can help you increase your efficiency on your bike as well as coaching you to improve your aerobic fitness. A structured training plan as well advice on strategies for tackling and completing your goal event.

Ready to get started?

About your Fitness Buddy

Ed Stivala is a keen cyclist, triathlete and a rider leader for HSBC UK Guided Rides. Ed is certified as a Level 2 Ride leader by British Cycling and passionate about sharing his love for cycling with others from novices to more experienced riders.

This means that when you join a #LoveCoffeeFitness Cycling activity you can be sure of a professionally organised, safe and fun ride, appropriate for you – every time.