Rediscover the simple pleasure of cycling. Lycra totally optional! 🚴🏻‍♂️

Cycling offers a sociable and inclusive way to increase your level of activity and enjoy the great out doors. Explore new locations and have fun whilst getting fitter. But if it has been a while since you have ridden a bicycle (childhood even?), are nervous or unsure about keeping up with a group, or maybe want to ‘train’ for something more specific (charity ride on the horizon?), then you might prefer to ride 1:1 with just your Fitness Buddy.

Whilst cycling does require some equipment; a bicycle and a good quality cycle helmet, it also offers a lower impact form of exercise that can be more suitable for some people.

#LoveCoffeeFitness offers you choices to get started and progress with cycling. Group Led Rides (Keep Me Going) comprising a maximum of twelve other similar ability cyclists. Or 1:1 Accompanied Ride where you benefit from individual attention (Get Me Started or Challenge Me!).

Ready to get started?

About your Fitness Buddy

Ed Stivala is a keen cyclist, triathlete and a rider leader for HSBC UK Guided Rides. Ed is certified as a Level 2 Ride leader by British Cycling and passionate about sharing his love for cycling with others from novices to more experienced riders.

This means that when you join a #LoveCoffeeFitness Cycling activity you can be sure of a professionally organised, safe and fun ride, appropriate for you – every time.