Fitness Level 1

Beginners : “Get Me Started”

Blended fitness coaching

You are new to fitness and not sure where to start? Or perhaps you attended some classes at your local gym before they closed. You can find exercise broadcasts online but that’s not what you are looking for!

what’s included

  • GET READY TO EXERCISE: An initial call, to get to know each other, discuss you goals, experience and fitness level.
  • HOME EXERCISE PLAN: An effective personalised exercise plan that you can do at home with no special equipment. A new plan each week that keeps you challenged and motivated. Each weekly plan contains three exercise sessions.
  • GROUP COACHING CALLS: Three group calls each week enable you to chat face-to-face with me, and your new Fitness Buddy Community, about your training.
  • PRIVATE COACHING CALL: One private coaching sessions each month with me.
  • UNLIMITED ONLINE COACH ACCESS: All the accountability & support you need to be a able to follow your plan and stay on track.
Please note that "Coaching Calls" are discussion based Coaching, not a "follow along" personal trainer broadcast.

let’s get started

Fitness Plans