Running is simple but it isn’t easy

As a professional run coach I can help you take your running to the next level. Whether you are just starting in running and looking forward to achieving your first 5k Park Run, or more experienced and aiming for a half or full marathon, I can help you realise your ambition.

As someone that didn’t believe I could run myself until my late forties, I can really understand how my clients that are completely new to running feel.

Running is a simple activity, but that doesn’t make it easy. Often people struggle in the early stages. The right help early on can make all the difference.

I offer a range of services that will help get started and then progress your running. Whilst avoiding injury and demotivation. One to One and small group sessions suitable for complete beginners and beyond.

  • Running analysis to develop and improve running technique and avoid injury.
  • Bespoke structured running plans (general fitness or distance specific) to build your endurance, speed and overall fitness.
  • Weekly track running sessions (Milton Keynes area only).
  • Weekly “Getting Started in Running” group runs. Maximum 10 people
  • Core strength, flexibility and Conditioning
  • Advice on nutrition

Everyone is unique and therefore has different needs. My approach is to discuss with each client what will work best for them and achieve their specific goals. The above list is a guide, but please feel free to ask for any specific help you may have in mind.

Ready to get started?

About your Fitness Buddy

Ed Stivala is a keen runner, triathlete and a Run Leader for RunTogether (an initiative created by England Athletics). Ed is certified as a Leader in Run Fitness and passionate about helping others discover and enjoy running. 

This means that when you join a #LoveCoffeeFitness Running activity you can be sure of a professionally organised, safe and enjoyable run, appropriate for you – every time.