More fun than you think… Honestly!! Coffee, cake and smiles🏃‍♀️🏃🏾‍♂️

Whether you wish to go for your very first run, wanting to feel confident at a Park Run (which is 5k), or to complete a Marathon (basically eight and half Park Runs in succession!)… #LoveCoffeeFitness can offer you a supportive, friendly and fun way achieve your ambitions.

Running offers an inclusive opportunity for everyone, and not only great for your body but it can do a lot for your mind too. A great way to start building more fitness into your life. Flexible on time and location, and only requiring minimal equipment, it is very easy to get started.

Running in a group can provide motivation, support as well as making it more fun! But for some people, if you lack confidence or are a very new runner, a group may not suite your needs. That’s why #LoveCoffeeFitness offers both 1:1 (Getting Me Started running with your Fitness Buddy) as well as Led Group Runs for different abilities ( Keep Me Going and Challenge Me runs).

Ready to get started?

About your Fitness Buddy

Ed Stivala is a keen runner, triathlete and a Run Leader for RunTogether (an initiative created by England Athletics). Ed is certified as a Leader in Run Fitness and passionate about helping others discover and enjoy running. 

This means that when you join a #LoveCoffeeFitness Running activity you can be sure of a professionally organised, safe and enjoyable run, appropriate for you – every time.