Running Level 1

Beginners : “Get Me Started”

blended fitness coaching

New to running, perhaps you have considered doing a coach to 5k but are looking for something more personalised? Maybe you have yet to start but not sure how. Not yet ready to join a running club, so where do you go?

what’s included

  • GET READY TO EXERCISE: An initial call, to get to know each other, discuss you goals, experience and fitness level. 
  • WEEKLY RUNNING TIMETABLE: A clear and achievable running plan that you can do on your own. A new plan each week makes sure that you keep making progress. Each week you will be running three days, and your plan will tell you exactly what to do each time.
  • GROUP COACHING CALLS:Three group calls each week enable you to chat face-to-face with me, and your new Running Buddy Community, about you are getting on and an opportunity to share tips with your peers. Groups comprise of runners at a similar stage and experience.
  • PRIVATE COACHING CALL: One private coaching sessions each month with me. 
  • UNLIMITED ONLINE COACH ACCESS: All the accountability & support you need to be a able to follow your plan and stay on track.

lets get started

Fitness Plans