Running Level 2

Intermediate : “Keep Me Going”

blended fitness coaching

You have run your first 5k and perhaps are a regular at Park Run. But now you want to progress; a new personal best time or achieving longer distances. Perhaps your first 10k Charity Run or even a Half Marathon? You love your running and you want more!

what’s included

  • READY TO EXERCISE: An initial call, to get to know each other, discuss you goals, experience and fitness level. 
  • TRAINING PLAN: A personalised training plan designed around your goal. Updated every four weeks and introduces you to runner specific Strength & Conditioning (that can be done at home), as well as a variety of different running sessions. You will be running three days per week with two additional S&C sessions.
  • GROUP COACHING CALLS: Three group calls each week enable you to chat face-to-face with me, and your new Running Buddy Community, about you are getting on and an opportunity to share tips with your peers. Groups comprise of runners at a similar stage and experience.
  • PRIVATE COACHING CALL:  Two private coaching sessions each month with me. 
  • WHATSAPP CHECK-IN: Weekly check-in on your progress and to keep you accountable and engaged. 
  • UNLIMITED ONLINE COACH ACCESS: All the accountability & support you need to be a able to follow your plan and stay on track.

lets get started

Fitness Plans