Body Toning

Indoors or Outside… You decide!🧘🏻‍♀️

Many people find open spaces, such as public parks, far less intimidating and more accessible than a gym or fitness centre. Others appreciate the convenience of exercising at home. Which is exactly why #LoveCoffeeFitness Body Toning is flexible and does not require a gym or specialist fitness centre. It comes to you!

What is Body Toning?

An hour of low impact exercises based around stretching, lifting and generally getting your heart to beat a little faster! A Body Toning class typically lasts for 45 minutes and can help with weight loss, improve your stamina and helps to keep you supple.

I haven’t done any exercise for years!

Most people that come to #LoveCoffeeFItness are exactly where you are today. Absolutely no previous experience is necessary and you can be assured of a session that will be safe, appropriate and enjoyable for you.

Body Toning is available at the same three levels and formats as every #LoveCoffeeFitness activity. Make a start with a 1:1 session with your Fitness Buddy or if you are already feeling confident, then why not join a group session?