Personal Training

It’s not about being the best. Its about being better than you were yesterday.

As a Fitness Coach I work with you outside the confines of a gym, so if you want to begin your new fitness programme at home that’s great! A programme can be designed to work in your home, local park or we can agree to train in private studio (depending on your location).

“That’s a bit weird… Why don’t you work in a gym?”

No really 🙂 Sometimes clients that are new to fitness can feel a little self conscious and intimidated by training in the middle of a busy gym with lots of other people around. Using a public space like a park or even the clients home (space permitting) is often a much better solution.

Also, to exercise in a gym you will need to be a member and that can soon make getting fit MUCH more expensive than it needs to be. Depending on your location I do work with a some private studios, which offer great facilities and can work very well. To see if this could work for you please get in touch and let me know where you are based.

“Fair enough but what about weights and equipment if we aren’t in a gym?”

If your goals are to do with toning up, losing weight and becoming fitter, you really don’t need lots of weights and machines! I use a variety of body weight exercises, resistance bands, some dumb-bells and a bench. This means that you will be able to easily obtain everything you need to start exercising at home yourself. You will be surprised just how effective (read exhausting!) a workout you can do with the simplest of equipment.

“Yes I can see that might work for me. So how often do I need to do this?”

When we first meet to discuss your goals, we will also talk about how much time you can make each week to exercise and what those exercise routines might consist of. Because you are training at home or in a local park then making time is a lot easier!

Most clients train once or twice a week with me and then several times in between on their own. After our first training session, I will write out your routine for you so you have it all to hand.

“You have persuaded me! I think… So what happens now?”

That’s great news! Next we need to agree a time to meet up for an initial consultation. Before that there are a couple of short questionaries that I need you to read and complete for me, so that you know what to expect from this and also to make sure that there is no reason why you shouldn’t start to exercise.

To get started is as simple as you filling in the form below and then I will get in touch and as soon as possible to get going.

And THANK YOU for deciding to train with me. I very much value your business – Ed !

How would you prefer I contact you and is there a specific time that would work well for you?